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That's correct, Cineflight is not just limited to traditional helicopter and gimbal systems for capturing aerial footage! The company also offers a wide range of services using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones. These services include aerial photography and videography, 3D mapping, and inspections.

The use of UAVs allows Cineflight to capture footage from unique and challenging perspectives and locations that would not be possible with traditional helicopter and gimbal systems. Additionally, UAVs can be used in situations where it may be unsafe or impractical to use a manned aircraft.

Cineflight understands that every project is unique and requires specialized equipment and knowledge to execute effectively. That's why the company uses only the latest technologies and equipment to ensure the highest quality results for their clients.

Moreover, Cineflight has a experienced crew that are experts in operating UAVs and have the necessary licenses and certifications to fly safely and legally. They are also trained in advanced flight maneuvers and camera operation, so they can capture the perfect shot.

In summary, Cineflight offers an array of services, not only traditional aerial filming with helicopter and gimbal systems but also with UAVs, for a wide range of applications, always using the latest technologies and counting with a experienced crew that can guarantee the best results for their clients.

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